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Shameless ~ The Archetype of Sensuality


With Lola Frost      -   POSTPONED NEW DATE TBA   

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When I was 8 years old, I told my Mom I wanted to be a Stripper. Of course at that age, I didn't know quite what that meant and my Mother was wise enough to tell me "As long as you do it well, I'll support you."

That indeed I did become, and she indeed is my biggest fan. 


Burlesque Royalty, Club Stripper, Nude Art Model, Erotic Movement Teacher - all modalities I chose in my life and flourished in over the last 16 years. I carved this path for myself following the beacons of light that were all the Strong Woman that came before me; my Inspirations, my Warriors, my Goddesses, my Rebels, my Sluts, my Sages. The ones who seemed fearless in this world that wanted to keep us hidden and controlled, are collected in my soul as Creativity, Personal Power and Embodiment.


Without those sources, those archetypes, to guide me, how would I ever have overcome the shame society wants me to believe about myself?
How else could have I tapped into my deeper life force to trust my voice and power? 
How else could I have learned to find that source and not feel withheld to drink from it's chalice?


  • Let's talk about it! 

  • What was that path? 

  • Why did it speak to me, why does it speak to you?

  • How is it relevant to those never wanting to get on a stage? 

  • What were the obstacles?  

  • What were the highlights?

  • What about those low-lights? 

  • What now?

This discussion is delivered in conjunction with Stephanie Gilson Counselling with a trauma informed lens. Some of the material might be sensitive and possibly activating for some. While we won’t dig deep into those topics, a mindfulness and awareness, being brought to the table, is helpful. 

We will begin with a short grounding and centering to allow for access to our own personal sense of harmony. 

**Zoom link to be sent day of event**

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     Body Neutrality with Crystal Precious   -    April 2021