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Wear The Red Lipstick


Red Lipstick is a metaphor for the small ways that we hold ourselves back and diminish our shine! What is the thing you've always wanted to do, but have held yourself back from?

The idea for this workshop started brewing when I was working as a makeup artist. Clients would often compliment my red lipstick, but then say, "Oh but I could never wear it myself." When I asked them why not, I would usually hear that they didn’t think they could find a shade that worked on them. My response to this was a sly smile, gently saying, "Well, the last time I was at Sephora, I saw about 500 shades of red lipstick. I'm sure we could find one that works for you!" That was when they would share their real reasons for not wearing the red lipstick: they didn’t feel confident enough, bold enough, or they were worried what others would think of them. 


How many things in our lives are we stopping ourselves from doing because we are worried about what others might think? How often is our self-doubt inhibiting us from trying something that could bring us joy? We see others around us making bold choices, and say “that’s great but not me”, instead of “why not me?”


In this 8-week group, you will set a goal. This goal doesn't need to be wearing red lipstick (but it can be if you want!) Often our red lipstick is something that we are scared to even express, as it may seem so small to someone on the outside, but so huge to us.


  • Maybe you want to stop drowning yourself in baggy clothes, and show off your fabulous body (yes, your body IS fabulous) in something more fitted?

  • Maybe you want to stop biting your tongue so much, and speak your truth more often and more boldly in relationships with family, friends, spouses?

  • Maybe you’re feeling a little beige in the bedroom, and want to express your fantasies? 

  • Maybe you have always wanted to take a solo adventure overseas, but you’re scared to navigate foreign soil alone?

  • Maybe you know your job doesn’t bring you joy, but you’re nervous to apply for something new?

  • ​Maybe you’ve been out of the dating pool for a while, and your self-doubt is stopping you from taking the plunge back in?

  • Or maybe you do just want to wear some crazy makeup!


Whatever your red lipstick is, this 8-week program is designed to help you wear it.


What's Included in the 8 weeks:

💋 Week 1 - Introduction & Exploration of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

💋 Week 2 - Effective Goal Setting ; Don't have a goal? That is OKAY!!

💋 Week 3 - The Secret to Life Busted; So easy yet so hard

💋 Week 4 - Just Sorry; The language we use matters

💋 Week 5 - OMG! This Parachute's a Backpack! 

💋 Week 6 - Flip The Script; learn tools to start getting out of your own way

💋 Week 7 - But But But.... I Should

💋 Week 8 - Closing Ceremony

💋 A workbook with the tools and skills we discuss in session

💋 30 mins bonus sessions with me (max 1 per week) for the duration of the group's run

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