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  • Stephanie Gilson

Step Into the Magnificence of You

Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"

From the #metoo movement, #yesallwomen to #timesup woman are finally speaking up in our society with volume and without apology. Yet in every day life I hear women discrediting themselves, shifting their boundaries to suit others needs, self-deprecate themselves and use the problematic language that the patriarchy we grew up in instilled in us so deeply, we don't even realize we are doing it.

As women, we are born shameful. We are told to cover up body parts because men can't control themselves, we are told to keep our bodies safe, to dress in ways that doesn't show too much of us, but if we dress too covered we are prudes or dowdy. We are told when a boy snaps our bra, which often we are embarrassed about needing anyway, well... boys will be boys. We are shamed for having our periods and needing sometimes special considerations. We can't talk about our periods because so many men are grossed out by it. Yet this is literally life giving. We are told don't wear too much makeup or we'll look like a whore but if we don't wear makeup at all then we don't care/put in enough effort/are ugly. Don't have short hair. Men don't like short hair. Don't wear flats because heels are sexier. Don't be too fat or fat in the wrong ways. Don't be too thin either. Men like a little meat on their women.

We are shamed for owning our sexuality. For stating our needs and asking for what we want. Shamed for being virgins. Shamed for being a slut. Shamed for being sexually open. Shamed for being monogamists.

We are jailed for miscarriages, stillborn births and our fight for the right to safe abortions. We are controlled. Pinned down. Put under the patriarchy's thumb. We literally are told we have no right to own our own bodies.

We can start to impact the whole of women when we start to change for ourselves. When we start to say no without an I'm sorry or a but. When we can tell a sexual partner how they should touch us, what feels good, what doesn't feel good. When we stop saying that the Dad is home babysitting and other sexist phrases. When we can say, you know... I don't like this about my body but I'm sexy and I'm going to own that anyway.

My hope, my passion, my goal is to help women step out of society's expectations, boundaries, narrow minded, patriarchal language and viewpoint and start to help all women own themselves without apology.

If you're struggling with shame, self esteem issues, body dysmorphia, body shame, sexual shame, not knowing how to use your voice in relationships, not trusting yourself, boundary violations with your consent, please give me a call for a 15 min consultation on how I can help you step into the entire magnificence that is.... YOU!

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